Results Start with No More Workouts

That’s right, I said it, No More workouts.

A big problem I have seen with gym goers, friends, family, and of course my clients is they hate working out. Well that is fine, because quite frankly I do not believe in working out. Neither should you.

Matter of fact, just quit working out all together. I tell my clients they do not come to me to workout, they come to me to do one thing, Train. I am a coach, a motivator, and my job is to train my clients to Perform.

You too should, quit working out and start TRAINING.

For what, well that is something you have to ask yourself, but it will be something that will motivate you to get up and work harder than you ever have. Here are a few examples of what to train for :

  • As a busy mom it is about having the strength and energy to for when you are juggling the schedule of work and keeping up with day to day tasks of a family.
  • For those dad’s it’s about not letting your teenage son kicked you a$# on the driveway basketball court every Saturday
  • For the energetic grandmother or grandfather it was about being able to enjoy the grand kids and not having to sit on the porch and just watch.

You have to find that reason to train, quit working out, have something to live for to love to desire.

It is about time YOU took care of YOU, and took the 90 minutes a week to help ensure your health, happiness, and well being.

Train to be the you that you dream to be from this day forward.

Throwing out the Garbage

John David Reynolds III,CPT

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