She’s So Strong

Anything he can do she can do, too!

Yes… She… Can…

Low – calorie starvation diets and cardiovascular overtraining have long been standing staples in the lives of so many women and been common practice as “proper training” or for her to be training in “a woman‘s place”. (Uhm.. Yeah I said it.)

Well, I am here to say it is WRONG. Ma’am get you some chalk and it better not be to teach junior how to do his arithmetic but to deadlift some heavyweight. Because she’s so strong.

You see, those low calorie diets are typically what cause a blunt in women’s metabolism and limits thier ability to change the way they look or maintain a youthfulness.

Instead women live in the misconceptions that lifting weights and strength training will lead them to becoming too bulky and unattractive. These thoughts lead to women saying the most annoying statement, “I’ll weight train once I get the fat off. I don’t want to turn it (fat) into muscle.”


It is impossible to turn fat into muscle, or muscle into fat, as each cell is unique from the other.

Yes, I just said… Impossible. Okay, now that we have that out of the way, stay tuned ladies as we disspell the ridiculous rumors, myths, and misconceptions about strength training.

We are going to chop layers of fat off and reveal the body you have been hiding.

Research has now revealed something that myself and many other trainers and coaches have known for a long time, strength training is essential for not just athletes and men.

Strength training is absolutely essential for everyone especially WOMEN who want to create visual changes in thier bodies, and discovered the benefits extend far beyond just the physical changes.

These are things we will be talking about in the next this section of blog’s For Her.

Okay Ladies… Lets GO!

Waging War on Body Fat!!

John David Reynolds III

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