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So last night I went to wrestling Practice, for two whole long hours, well not really it was more of a feeler class. Kind of like a jock get to know you session. Who’s got a good single, double, spiral ride, bulldog, and so on.

Well OuCH! OuCH! OUch!

The next couple of months are going to be very important for me as I prepare for the 2010 PanAms in Bjj, I am so ready to be in some serious discomfort with a six day a week training schedule, and having to train through minor injuries, bumps, and bruises. It will all be worth it even if I do not win gold, but OF COURSE GOLD is the GOAL.

I was taught early on to set goals. It goes without saying that to reach a goal you have to first take a step in that direction. You have to have a process to get to where you are going. Here is what I am going to be doing in prep for the PanAms.

  1. Train Skills 6 days a week. Brazilian Jiujitsu (Bjj) Monday thru Saturday Mornings.
  2. Wrestling Tuesday and Thursday (Until March 11).
  3. EVERYDAY, Resistance Band Flexibility Training and Self-Myofacial Release.
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  4. Monday,Wednesday, and Friday Strength training.
  5. Tuesday/Thursday Conditioning Workouts.
  6. Then up to the PanAms two day Bjj training twice a week.
  7. Compete at the PanAm.

After that I will rinse and repeat as I will have the World Championships and the American Cup left to compete in as well as possibly going to the No-GI championships later on this year, too. I have a lot of work to do, but that is what I am working on. My Gold medal depends on this.

This year, do not just make goals, but make a plan and a process to achieve those goals with a certainty. The lack of preparation can be the biggest downfall to anyone. It is wise to be prepared.

In the sense that this is the time that people make resolutions,I just got permission to give out Craig Ballantyne’s Top 10 Fat Loss Perfictions for 2010. It is jammed with fitness gems and trends to look forward to in 2010, and it will give a couple ideas of what you may expect from me in some future posts and videos down the line.  So feel free to check out the Ebook.

Click Here to Read the Top 10 Fat Loss Predictions for 2010

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