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So, I through out the most ridiculous offer recently, offering to perform personal training at a minimum wage. It was pretty bizarre and some people looked at it as Desperate.

Seriously… I mean, you know what, I love my job. I love training people and I would do it for free if it were not for  the fact that I need to pay my bills.

Otherwise, I can’t blog, get beat up on a daily basis, and complain about my injuries. Right!?

So yeah, I decided I would train a few select clients at, $8.50 an hour for the next 3 months. As a pretty successful personal trainer, who’s clients consistently see results in their body composition, this was a steal of a deal.

It was easy for people to see why, I am absolutely the “Most Hated Personal Trainer” in Sacramento, easily.

Especially after Sacramento see’s the results they get.

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Anyhow, last night, at wrestling practice I had a great practice. I wrestled well and performed some things good and found some other areas of my game that could really use some work.

Takedowns, Spectacular.

Top/Bottom game, I sure need to work on it. It use to be my strong point, but I speculate it is my hip movement.

I wrestled a really great funk style wrestler, it was exciting. Especially since we had a very competitive go at it on several occasions.

Ah, but the down side, I compressed my patella.


I will survive it though.

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