Superbowl 45 – Turns Into A Cage Fight

Superbowl 45 – The Super Fight!
Look out Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, America has a new big time super fight on their hands…

HaHa… No really, JR and JR are in agreement… Ben Roethlisberger beats Aaron Rodgers in a cage fight or a boxing match. But wait… How about a TAG TEAM MATCH!?!

Defense vs. Defense?
Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson
James Harrison and Troy Polamalu
I would pay to see this fight, since people want to talk about irrelevant fights at least make it entertaining.
Clay Matthews looks like he was a Viking in ancient times who got caught in a time machine and finally found a home on the football field after a life of loneliness wanting to crush skulls in our ridiculous modern society.
While Charles Woodson on the other hand played for a team more chaotic than any ancient Barbarian culture, the Oakland Raiders. Albeit he was apart of their best teams of the recent decade, but it doesn’t change the fact that when it comes down to it, the man Survived Al Davis. That makes him a bad ass I don’t want to see in a fight.’
On the other side of the Cage we will have two of the most feared defensive players in the league for the past few years.
James Harrison, has been fined and penalized over and over again this season for illegal hits. He even contemplated retirement at one point in the season after feeling as though the league singled him out. Fans across the country seemed to agree and wanted to help pay the fines. Aside from that when this man hits you… well ladies and gentlemen he HITS YOU. If I were to look at great Barbarians of the past I would say this man would be either what Hannibal or Shaka Zulu would have looked like. As a matter of fact they probably looked “nicer”.
Troy Polamalu. Saying his name is a sentence, the man is multi-talented on a football field. When it comes down to bringing the pain, he hits you. If you think he is poor in coverage you will regret that thought all together. He is on a crash course with the Hall of Fame even if he retired tomorrow. Okay, maybe that is pushing it but given a little more time there is no doubt about it. In a fight… Are you serious… He’s an Islander, they were made to fight. Sure he maybe a “smaller” than stereotype but don’t let looks fool you.
Yes this would be a battle for the ages.

After looking at this maybe I got this all wrong…
Ben Roethlisberger
Clay Matthews/Charles Woodson

On the other side….
Aaron Rodgers
James Harrison/Troy

Superbowl 45…


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