J Magazine UFC 126 Predicitons

UFC 126 is going to be exciting to say the least. I am pumped up. If you did not watch the video then I am not telling you who I picked in the Anderson Silva vs. Vitor fight.

However, in the fight that I can careless about…
UFC 126 Predictions – Rich Franklin vs. Forrest Griffin
In this bought I can see it being a stand up and bang kind of affair with one of them getting desperate and going for the takedown trying to secure a dominant position to get out of trouble.

I know a lot of people like Forrest Griffin, and I am not one of those people. He is a good guy, but I just can careless to watch him fight. He has come a long way from the pillow fight with Stephan Bonnar.

I would like to say it can go either way, but I am going to simply say Rich Franklin should beat Forrest. Honestly he has to otherwise his fight career is over. Forrest has had some tough losses recently but he can battle back. He is a former champion in this division, and really needs to pull this fight off.

UFC 126 Prediction: Rich “Ace” Franklin.

Now a much more interesting fight for me will be:
UFC 126 Predictions – Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader

Can Bader take Jones down?
If taken down can Jones find the room to escape? Submit? Reverse? Do Damage?
Will Bader be able to land effective Ground and Pound while keeping Jones in place?
If Jones gets the takedown can he keep Bader down?

I suspect that Bader will be the first to go for a takedown as his striking is not on the level, unless he really upped his camp, but in the group he trains with I do not see that happening. I expect him to look for powerful takedowns and to try to stay away from playing a game of clinching by smothering him against the cage and using his frame to press Jones into the cage. Hit him a little and grind it out, and perhaps look to finish him.

However I believe in the clinch Jones would be at the advantage. I also see at least one great throw coming from the Clinch. I doubt there will be much quit in Bader so we will have a back and forth struggle. Jones’ ability to mix all of his skills and transition them into motion of punishment will be the difference.

With Jones’ timing I believe he will out punch, out counter, and out fight Bader for this victory and even put him away.

UFC 126 Prediction: Jones Over Bader

Let me Know what your UFC 126 predictions are

UFC 126- Predictions – JMagazine for Men

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