Flat Belly Diet!

Flat Belly Diet!

This diet works for me. In any successful weight loss program you must be able to incorporate it into your life style and enjoy the foods that are recommended. Changing habits and adjusting your life style is not easy and requires a commitment to a program you can adhere to. The four small meals and whole grains, nuts and seeds seem to be the best diet for my tastes. I also love avocado and dark chocolate.
I am 57 years old and as many others my age can attest to, I have had the pounds creep on year after year. I have tried Weight Watchers, South Beach and many others and had some success but always ultimately quit.
Constant hunger was my struggle while on Weight Watchers and when I fell off that wagon I would hit the ground hard with more cravings than ever. South Beach is healthy, but as soon as I added even a few extra carbs I would quit loosing and seemed to have a lot of nagging headaches.
I almost didn’t buy the Flat Belly Diet book thinking it would be one more diet book on my shelf, but I am glad I did buy it!
I was a little hungry and bored the first two days! Now I am never hungry if I stay with the program. I travel and the suggestions on little snack packs are great! Little things that I can carry in my purse really help. (The whole wheat english muffin and peanut butter is my favorite!) I love the abundance of whole grain foods. They really fill me up and keep me from getting hungry. As the weight slowly comes off, I am exercising more and enjoying it.
At first it didn’t seem like I was loosing much weight nor did the tape measure prove that I was loosing many inches, but my family and friends kept commenting on my weight loss and actually thought that I had lost more weight than I actually had! Maybe it is because it does seem to be coming off my mid-section. (Could be the middle age thing for me.)
I would suggest joining the on-line Flat Belly Prevention site if you plan to stay with it. The site helps me to log my meals, makes suggestions for menus and you can create shopping lists.
I too am frustrated with those who shoot this diet down and have not tried it. I am glad that their diet and life style works for them, but this one works for me. Good luck to anyone struggling to control their weight, I feel your pain!

 J. Lillie
I’ve tried the diet just to see if the MUFA concept would really make a difference. I’ve lost on average a half pound a week inspite of having numerous meals at home that have been changed at the last minute into grabbing meals on the road or that included pot lucks at church or birthday and holiday dinners out. I have 7 pounds to lose to get down to my good BMI and want to lose an additional
0 vanity pounds beyond that, still being well within the middle of my weight range. As a nurse, I know it’s important to get in healthy nutrition while losing weight, and exercise is important to include so muscle tone and bone mass is increased and

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