Jeannete Jenkins / The Hollywood Trainer: Core & Stretch It Out DVD

Jeannete Jenkins / The Hollywood Trainer: Core & Stretch It Out DVD – price n/a

 Trish Meyer
(I reviewed this elsewhere as “Hollywood Trainer 2
Day Core and Stretch Workout (2007)” but since this is the version I had actually bought (“Core & Stretch it Out”) and it had no reviews, I thought I’d repeat it here. Plus, it’s not 30min abs and 30mins stretch as advertised – it’s 20 mins abs/back and 35 mins athletic stretch. There’s a few mins of introductions for 60 mins total.)
I suffer from hip problems, so am always looking for a good stretching routine that doesn’t involve advanced yoga moves, since I am not that flexible. Up to now, my favorite was the 20min “Yoga Stretch” routine on Karen Voight’s “Slim Physique” DVD. It has very relaxing music and is great to do late at night. But I was looking for an alternative that wasn’t so relaxing, and bought this Hollywood Trainer DVD to compare.
This DVD is fantastic – a really good athletic stretch that leaves you feeling great afterwards. Most of the leg stretches are done with a strap (or a towel) and are a good length. Jeanette talks a bit loudly (she seems to forget she’s using a mic) but I was looking for an alternate to the soothing voice and music atmosphere anyway so it was okay with me. (Just be warned that it won’t make you sleepy…) If you know a wide range of stretches, you can substitute or modify a few here and there as needed.
Since I was only looking for a good stretch, the “Core” routine was a wonderful bonus. It’s a solid ab workout (about 20mins) with lots of variety and a good pace. I like that it also includes a few minutes of back exercises. Overall, one of the very best ab workouts I have (and I own a few DVDs of ”
0-minute ab workouts” that I don’t care for much).
The DVD is set up that you can start with the CORE workout and it moves into the STRETCH automatically, but keep the DVD remote handy so you can skip the two sections that introduce all the other participants in the room. I’m sure the producers thought it was a nice friendly thing to do, but (
) I don’t care who is in the room with Jeanette and (2) I certainly don’t wish to hear their life stories every time I want to work out. What were they thinking? This stuff should have been in an optional “bonus” section for people who are curious.
I also bought the “AM/PM Stretch” DVD (the PM is good enough, the AM is very tame – it might wake you up but that’s about it).

 Adrian F. Snead “Ace”
I bought this to sweat more and lose body fat. It sure makes me sweat, but I haven’t seen any weight loss benefit.

More Details

An amazing core workout that leaves no piece of belly fat unturned.

The first 30 minutes is an amazing core workout that leaves no piece of belly fat unturned. You will work all the ranges of motions of your core which will help you tighten your tummy, blast away fat and improve your flexibility. The second 30 minutes is a total body static stretching workout that is

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