Slendertone Flex Go Abdominal Toning System (Unisex)

Slendertone Flex Go Abdominal Toning System (Unisex) – $99.99

i had my doubts before trying the product, but was actually pretty happy with it’s performance. it is in no way a weight loss device, but i can really feel the tightening of my core muscles and the slimming, more pulled in, look of my abdomen. if you need to lose excess pounds, this product is not for you, but if you are already fairly thin and just need some help toning up then this is a really great product. it really does reach all your core muscles, much more than crunches alone. it helps tighten you up all the way around, stomach, sides and back. the only downside i would say is having to buy the replacement pads, but it’s still a better deal than doing endless crunches.

 Moroni Marten
I am five feet nine inches tall and weigh about
55 pounds (normally information I don’t give out, but I will for this review). My goal the last year or so has been to improve my abdominal strength and definition. I decided to try the Slendertone product to see if it would have a positive effect.
As of March, 2009, I have been using the Slendertone product for about 9 weeks for a total of about 45 sessions. The jury is still out on this product. Before I received Slendertone my abdominal routine included three sets of bicycle crunches three times weekly for a total time commitment of about 45 minutes per week. Switching to Slendertone increased my time commitment by over four times. I do five – 40 minute sessions per week for a total of about 200 minutes per week.
Despite the very large time commitment, I really haven’t noticed any better abdominal definition or strength compared with the bicycle crunches I did previously. I will post an update after I devote a few more months to the Slendertone.
Although some claim the Slendertone is “pleasant” and you can do other things as you wear it that is really not true. I really don’t feel I’m getting a good workout unless I have the intensity on maximum (
00%). It usually takes me about ten to fifteen minutes to work my way up to the maximum intensity. In order to feel somewhat comfortable, I need to be in a semi-reclining position during the contractions. Usually I watch TV as I do the workout. There is no way I would be able to walk around or even sit at a computer at that intensity level.
It is also important to remember that in order to actually “see” abdominal muscles with definition, it requires a thin abdominal fat layer. In fact, everyone has a “six-pack” already. The reason we can’t see it on most people is simply because the fat layer is covering it up. So, it’s important to also lower your body fat content if you want to actually “see” abdominal muscles. Exercising can “build” abdominal muscles somewhat to help them standout, but lessening abdominal fat is essential.
Some have commented on the wearing out of the pads. I have used the same pads for all 45 sessions over nine

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