TriggerPoint SMART CORE Level 1 DVD Home-based self massage and core work.

TriggerPoint SMART CORE Level
DVD Home-based self massage and core work. – price n/a

 Christopher M. Hayes
I bought the Slendertone Abs System 6/7/2009. I used it for about a week, managing to crank it up to the highest setting the night I got it. This took me quite awhile, and I had to control my breathing and not move around alot. This got much easier quickly though, the sensation is just a little wierd at first. When I started I could not even do crunches, and was in pretty bad physical condition. I changed my eating habits at the same time I started using the belt, and after a week I was able to do 50 crunches without bothering my abs. My back bothered me more than anything else. At this point I purchased the Arms System which is also a very good product, and a week after that I joined a gym and started doing regular workouts with a trainer.
I highly recommend the slendertone abs belt, as it helped improve my energy levels and get me results quickly that motivated me to be able to work out normally. I still use the belt 6 nights a week, and the highest setting no longer bothers me at all. I can even sit at a computer and write programming code with it running. I feel that the abs belt is worth the money I paid, and has been extremely effective. I have not had to change my gel pads yet, as of 7/7/2009. As far as how long to use the belt a day, I started out using it around 40minutes working my way up from 60-99 each session, and now I use it about an hour and 20 minutes a day going almost immediately to the highest setting(99). Having said that, regular exercise should be a must as well as a good diet if you want to achieve the best results, but the belt dramatically improves your core strength and energy very quickly and this is what enabled me to make myself start working out again. My abs are the one part of me that never bothers me after a nice long workout at the gym these days.
P.S. When I first started using the belt, I had been suffering chronic back pain due to very weak back muscles, and after using the belt for the first week, my back pain was completely gone and I was feeling much better overall.

 D. Willis
Before I purchased this belt, I read many, many reviews. Now that I have been using it, I am VERY satisfied. I wanted to get a belt when I saw an infomercial for one (not a Slendertone). When I went on the website it was $
99.99!!!! So I started searching, and found this one for only $59.00. I am already pretty slender, but had developed a pooch belly from to much junk food. After using the belt at maximum level for two weeks (twice a day); my pooch is gone. NO KIDDING!! You have to try this belt.

More Details

This dvd uses the TriggerPoint Grid which is sold separately.

This level is our starting point and provides the foundational movements needed to perform all of the SMRT-CORE exercises. By incorporating applied movements into our foundation exercises, you will engage

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