TriggerPoint SMART CORE Level 2 DVD Home-based self massage and core work.

TriggerPoint SMART CORE Level 2 DVD Home-based self massage and core work. – price n/a

 P. Fabiano “italia”
I purchased my slendertone abdominal toning system about
month ago. I am a very fit woman seeking more toning in my core area(s). I have noticed visible results already. I am using this product at least 5 times a week. I am seeing more definition in my abs! Yeeha!!
It is helping me with my posture, also. I have definitely seen a difference in the way my clothes are fitting me. I like the ease of function, clarity in directions, and simplicity of design. I read all the reviews before I purchased this product. I especially found one review helpful. A gentleman suggested keeping your belt in a zip top plastic bag, to keep the gelpads from drying out. I agree that that is very helpful. Thanks for the tip! I would highly recommend this product! I fully advocate the practice of exercise, excellent eating habits, AND the Slendertone Ab Toner. You cannot lose with that winning combination!

I honestly thought this thing was another gimmick. I bought it on a whim because I don’t like working out and figured this product would require no effort. Oddly enough that’s what happened. It won’t make you loose weight but it will tone up your beer belly. Sure you might feel stupid wearing it at first but if someone laughs at you tell them to wear it and set it on max. One unsuspecting jolt from a Slendertone belt will shut them up and make them respect you. It’s much like being Tazered in the stomach so start out slow and follow the direction until you figure it out. I never realized three little batteries could give that big of a jolt. Cover the pads when not in use and you won’t have to replace them as often.
If your desperate to loose weight then I have bad news for you. You have to eat better and exercise. Most weight loss pills get recalled because they do more harm than good. This device works best with that understanding but I stress that the only effort you need is to strap in on and change out the batteries from time to time.
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This dvd uses the TriggerPoint Grid which is sold separately.


After you have mastered the foundational movements in Level
it is time to add some intensity. Level 2 exercises add a push, pull to many of the exercises. This push pull adds more focus to the core muscles and allows you to build on the strength and stability gained in the Level
exercises. We recommend that you begin Level 2 only after comfortably mastering Level

Each DVD contains:
SMRT-CORE Essentials- step by step instruction on ow to master all of the progression exercises contained within each level of the SMRT-CORE classes. Learn the steps on how to master the movements and challenge teh core while creating a self massage like no foam roller.

Class Exercises- clearly explained so that you understand the movements for each exercise

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