Fat Waistline – Me And My Belly

I used to be a regular drinker and to prove it I developed a fine drinking muscle (Beer Belly). Now I need to find a way to reduce my fat waistline and say goodbye to my big fat belly.

Did you know that people who carry just an extra four inches of fat around their waist are more likely to have heart problems, even if their overall weight is not too bad?

My belly is big. I like to pretend it isn’t really there, or that it isn’t as big as it actually is, but I know I’m kidding myself. Self denial is a problem most overweight people suffer from.

Cameras tell the truth!

The only time a fat person really realises how fat they are is when they see photographs of themselves standing next to “normal sized” friends or relatives.

That is why fat people don’t really like having their pictures taken…..cameras tell the truth!

I used to be a regular drinker. Out to the pub every night with the lads. Pub Crawling was the only excercise I used to get. I don’t do it any more, which means that I now get no excercise at all.

The fat belly stayed with me and in fact, got bigger!

I thought that when I stopped drinking (every night) that the excess weight would just naturally fall off, revealing a nice slim young man underneath. Well, it didn’t. Anyway, I am not exactly young anymore, I am 52. The fat belly stayed with me and in fact, got bigger, probably because I wasn’t getting any excercise (Pub Crawling).

I have to hold my breath to tie my shoe laces!

What really bothers me about my fat waistline is the way I have to hold my breath to tie my shoe laces. Honestly, I can’t breath and tie my shoe laces at the same time!

I suppose I am just becoming more aware of my mortality as I get older. When you are young and drunk and having a good time, mortality or the lack of it doesn’t enter your head.

So just recently I decided to do something that I have often mocked other people for doing. I am going to go on a diet!

The belly must go!

Somehow and no matter how long it takes, I am going to reduce my fat waistline. The belly must go! Me and my belly are finally parting company after many happy years together. My belly has cost me thousands of of pounds/dollars to keep and now I am saying goodbye!

I have looked around on the internet for a decent diet plan. To be honest, I had no idea that the diet industry was so huge. There are MILLIONS of magical diet services out there.

Don’t ever look at a piece of chocolate fad diet!

What I didn’t want was one of those calorie counting, food weighing, don’t ever look at a piece of chocolate, fad diet things that people never seem to stick to. I still have to go out to work, so counting calories in a cafe would most likely be impossible and probably depressing.

Just eat “Normal Stuff”.

So, I found one that “sounds” good. Apparently it has nothing to do with counting bits of food. You just eat “normal stuff” that you would eat anyway, but you don’t sit down and eat a huge

Online Personal Trainer


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