Unhealthy Weight Loss Methods

Everyone is looking for that one magic pill, which they can take and lose all the weight without trying or doing any other diet. We are almost ready to give up anything to be skinny. But are you read to give up your health? Yes, some weight loss methods may cost you your health. You should follow the below mentioned regimens before you decide on the way to lose weight. After you decide the way, make your research and double check to be sure that you understand the risks involved in it very well. Below mentioned are some of the dangerous or unhealthy weight loss methods. Prescription diet pillsAmphetamines are the diet pills available only on prescription, and majority of the doctors are suspicious of giving them to the patients these days. These pills suppress appetite, by taking this drug you will of course lose weight, but you will not learn anything about healthy eating, there is no change in your eating habits and you will start gaining the weight back once your stop taking the pills. The side effects of this pill includes high blood pressure, sleeplessness, hallucinations and delusions. 2. EphedraEphedra is a natural Asian herb found in the form of herbal remedies and weight loss powders. It includes a strong appetite suppressant effect, but this drug has been involved in more than 7 deaths.. Phentermine Fenfluramine-phentermineIt was a well-known weight loss supplement in 9’s, after that it was involved in deaths because of damage of heart-valve. Phentermine is still sold in some weight loss aids, the side effects of this drug include headache, heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, insomnia and dizziness. 4. LaxativesLaxatives are one of the well-known home remedies used for cleaning out the system. But regular use of laxatives may turn out in low potassium, damage or pancreas, and arrhythmia.

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