Bum toning exercises for women

The best way still to tone your bum is exercise. Undoubtedly, exercise would drive the saggy bum away if you are serious about it and keep a strict schedule to execute it. The best exercise for you to tone your bum is by doing squats. For some people, this may be hard to do as the movement puts too much pressure on the knees, causing so much pain. To avoid knee pains while doing squats, you could put a ball resting between your back and the wall. The appropriate posture while doing squats is to stand up straight and have your body planted on a steady base by standing with feet apart. Your balance could be maintained by placing your arms out to the side during the movements. From a standing position, you need to remember to slowly squat down until your thighs are made parallel to the floor, in the same way your legs would be when you are sitting in a chair. Hold this position for about three seconds while at the same time squeezing your bum muscles. Remember that the key to this exercise is to perform it slowly. The slower you squat down and the slower you stand up again, the more firm your bum would be. You could start by doing at least fifteen (5) squats for four (4) days a week then gradually increasing the exercise by about a half, depending on your preference. A noticeable change would surely come after four (4) weeks of doing this exercise. If you really want to make a difference you could try several sports that could tone your glutes which includes swimming and biking. Even walking fast and running could tighten your bum and thigh area. Cardio exercises are also good as it can burn the fats on your bum.

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