Keep healthy young kinds of eating habits

Good health and longevity are now the key, besides daily regimen of diet is also a lifestyle outside, deeply, the good eating habits can let healthier and younger beautiful. . Before each meal drink two cups of water. Weight control, for most people, it is a “big”. Two small glass of water before drink can reduce hunger feeling and food intake than diet, the effect is more apparent. Pre-dinner drinking less a day cans nearly calories taken into. In addition to drink before dinner outside, fruit, vegetables and cereal, also contains quantity of heat less, also help increase full abdomen feeling. 2. Multivitamins after dinner. Life eat too fine, will lose a lot of B vitamins; Vegetables excessive leaching bubble, would bubble off lots of water-soluble vitamins; Food placed time is too long, or Fried, baking of cooking way might be reduced vitamin content. At this moment, we can supplementary multivitamins and best after dinner. Folic acid, vitamin B, C and other water-soluble vitamin if fasting eat, quickly through before stomach into small intestine is absorbed by human body, still haven’t fully utilization through urine education body outside. . Raw onion prevents heart disease. Many people eat vegetables will carefully pick out the onion, it would be a mistake. Onions contains a lot of protect the heart flavonoids, every day, or drink half eaten raw releases the onion juice, can increase cardiac patients about % of “good cholesterol. Especially in the barbecue is not how healthy food so the raw, cold, and best effect. 4. Use cold water bubble tea. Compared with green vegetables or carrots, black tea contains more antioxidants, can effectively help you resist wrinkles and cancer of depressions. Everyday drink two cups of black tea, encounter the influenza virus invade more likely to drink less people %. Use hot tea will release more than cold water caffeine and tannin, cause periodic headaches, the symptom such as insomnia, and with cold water tea can make the beneficial substances in the case was not damaged, slowly dissolve out. 5. Bedtime eat high-fiber foods. Most people only a daily dose of fiber body requirements (25-5 grams), so, the proposal is half of the last moment caught supplement it before bedtime. 6. Some vegetables to “blue” to eat. Oil eating much bad, but don’t eat more bad. Pumpkin, carrot contains a lot of beta – carotene, and therefore cannot eat too light, oil fry once more beneficial nutrients absorption. If pumpkins used to cook porridge, and then ensure other dishes have oil, let them join up in the intestines and stomach. 7. The cold dishes of the juice to dip in eating. Many people go to the hotel like some vegetable salad mix vegetables or l., think this can supplement. Actually, these are vegetables instead the sauce to otherwise healthy food a lot of heat. The best tone good sauce in a small bowl, chopped vegetables dip in with, so that; you need to eat the sauce of just the original /6. 8. Wash it in cold

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