Living Yoga

Living Yoga

This book is recommended to everyone in our beginner’s yoga course. This book gives an easy to understand introduction to the major branches of yoga. Yoga is much more than stretching and this book will show you how yoga can improve all facets of your life. Yoga includes numerous schools, Hatha Yoga for body and mind, Karma Yoga for proper attitude of work (great for stress management), Bhakti Yoga for emotions and devotion, Jnana Yoga that discusses knowledge and Raja Yoga which teaches meditation. A beginner will be able to access this book easily.

More Details

A masterful exploration of the major schools of yoga, published on the 100th anniversary of yoga in America. With this book, readers will discover the wisdom of the millenia–and learn to live yoga. Topics include the yoga approach to diet and nutrition, meditation as an antidote to stress, the yoga of love and devotion, and more. Photographs and

Lose Belly Fat


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