Going Nuts on Herbal Pills

I took a few herbal diet pills in college once on a whim, and I didn’t eat anything for a couple of days afterwards. I also didn’t really get much sleep either. Anything that makes you wired like that and kills your appetite so completely just isn’t good for you.

Over-the-counter ‘natural’ diet pills are big business. But some claims about the supposed weight loss benefits of herbal weight loss supplements are very misleading. First, there is very little evidence that these ‘natural’ diet pills help you to lose weight. Second, many of these herbal diet supplements are amphetamine-type stimulants, which can over-stimulate the nervous system, causing ill-health and nasty side-effects. Also, some diet supplements containing ephedra have been linked to serious side effects such as heart attacks, seizures, and death.

While the pills I took were supposedly ‘ephedra free’ and were supposedly totally natural and safe, I do not think I ever felt so befouled and afflicted in my life. A year later I discovered that the FDA had banned the same herbal diet pills I had taken, and now I wonder what it was I had put in my body.

Herbal diet pills are very popular these days as an alternative to more traditional methods of weight loss like diet and exercise. I find it worrisome that herbal treatments are so popular for several reasons.

First of all, anything can be in an herbal diet pill. ‘Herbs’ are a kind of loophole in the United States FDA system, as they are not classified as drugs and therefore don’t have the rigorous standards for testing and safety that drugs normally get.

Make no mistake about it though, herbs can be every bit as potent and harmful as drugs. The difference between medicinal herbs and drugs is vague anyway, as most perscription drugs themselves come from a kind of plant or herb.

Most of the time the ‘herbal’ classification does not last very long; the FDA eventually calls it a drug and brings in the scientists. When that happens herbal diet pills often either become completely banned or available only with a perscription. Snooping around a little from site to site selling herbal diet pills, it is clear that the makers of these things are all too familiar with the FDA.

Many sites even use it to their advantage saying things to the effect of ‘buy it now before the FDA bans it!’. You need to ask yourself, if the FDA is likely going to ban the herbal diet pill you are interested in, should you be taking it at all?

Anyway, just don’t be fooled by the word ‘herbal’ in an herbal diet pill. I would actually trust a regular diet pill that is FDA approved a lot more than some herbal diet pill potion with it’s unregulated and monitored contents. The words herbal and natural are marketing misrepresentations and should never be confused with the word safe unless there’s been some testing to prove it.

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