The 5 Most Powerful Colon Cleansing Weight Loss Tips

I’d like to share my 5 most powerful colon cleansing weight loss tips but before I do so, let me to tell you my story and why I’m so passionate about the it. I was 5 and right in the center of a very painful marriage. It had just gone downhill after the first 5 years and I didn’t know why. We both had no energy constantly, we were always groggy and I knew I was down right depressed. My doctor wanted me on the regular pills but they were taking a toll on my kidney so I refused. To make things worse, I was well…fat. All these had factored in making home life unhappy to a point where we were considering a divorce!

Can you imagine my shock when a gastroenterologist urged me to go through a a complete and thorough colon cleansing for weight loss? “You must try Nature Cleanse Goddard! If it doesn’t work and reduce your size, I’ll eat my shoe,” the physician said. I was very skeptical. Does colon cleansing help weight loss? Well, he’s the doctor so I ended up ordering the pills on-line on the website he showed me. They arrived the next day.

Two days later, exactly 48 hours on the dot I had the largest bowel movement in my life! Seriously, I could hardly even believe it, it was out of this world! I felt virtually weightless afterwards! It’s as if some kind of angel had raised a burden off my shoulder – and had then given me a vicodin to boot. My acid reflux was gone. How could such a “small” intestine problem have caused so many problems in my life? That very night, I took my lady out for a great night out. I had a lot of energy and it was time to fix my marriage. As the days passed, my wife joined me and she was also very impressed by the results. Today when my friends ask me how we (who are happily married today) lost a combined 4 lbs, I say the same thing; colon cleansing for weight loss.

These are my colon cleansing weight loss tricks:
. This is the product I always use to clear my colon – times a week minimum: Colon Cleansing Weight Loss
2. Visit your gastroenterologist especially if you’re feeling bloated and sick in the stomach.

. Make sure you eat lots of vegetables. Especially cabbage for roughage.
4. Drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar every day.
5. teaspoon of natural bee honey with every meal. A bona fide natural colon healing food.

That’s all and I wish you lots of good luck on your weight loss journey. Colon cleansing and weight loss blessed my marriage and saved my life. It can save you too.
Colon Cleansing Weight

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