Weight Loss Tips from Around the World (pt of 2) – Weight Loss Strategies from Asia

There is an abundance of weight loss tips from around the world. Asia, especially, offers a lot of weight loss strategies. Generally, Asian meals consist of more fresh vegetables and less meat. They also use little dairy. Their snacks are also lower in caloric content. Examples of Asian snacks include light rice biscuits, fruits, and sunflower and melon seeds. These snacks are very low in caloric content compared to a piece of cookie, an energy bar, or a donut. Moreover, many Asians also fancy fresh home-cooked food and eat with family style plates and share their food even with friends. That prevents overeating and promotes better psychological health too.

Weight Loss Strategies from JAPAN:

First, the Japanese eat a lot of fish. Fish has essential fatty acids such as Omega that increases one’s body metabolism. Increased metabolism means increased fat burn in your body.

Second, they stop eating before they become full. This practice comes from the Okinawan culture where the people practice hara hachi bu which means to eat until you are 8% full. Our stomach stretch receptors take twenty minutes to tell us we are full. Therefore, by stopping before we are full, we get to avoid overeating.

Third, the Japanese eat more slowly as they eat with chopsticks. Taking your time to eat gives you time to feel full and ensure that you do not overeat.

Fourth, drink soup before starting your meal. That is probably one of the best weight loss strategies from the Japanese. You would not eat too much of the main dish if your stomach is already filled up with soup/water.

Fifth, the Japanese uphold an active lifestyle by walking a lot. They may not exercise as much as Americans, but they sure do walk a lot.

Weight Loss Strategies from CHINA:

First, the Chinese drink a lot of green tea. The epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea raises your heart rate and stimulates your nervous system causing an increase in your metabolism rate. The higher your metabolism rate, the more calories, and ultimately fat that you burn.

Second, the Chinese use chopsticks like the Japanese as well. That slows down their eating and prevents them from overeating.

Third, the Chinese practice the habit of eating till you are full for breakfast, eating well for lunch, and eating less for dinner. The fullness from your breakfast will provide you with the energy you need for the day and kick-start your metabolism process early in the day. Eating well for lunch ensures you have a balanced diet with enough fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, fats, and protein. You need the least energy in the evening. Hence, you should eat least during dinner to prevent avoidable weight gain.

Weight Loss Strategies from INDIA AND SOUTH-EAST ASIA:

One big tip here: SPICE UP YOUR MEALS! Turmeric and capsaicin spices such as red chilli, ginger, and black pepper have been shown to help one with weight loss. Based on a study in Tufts University where the mice fed

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