Lose Weight On A Holiday? You Must Be Kidding – Tips On How To Avoid Post Holiday Blues!

Who does not go on a holiday with the family or with a group of friends and come back tanned and glowing? The enjoyment of a vacation is displayed by the darkness of the tan on your face and hands. More than often though, you hear comments on the first day in the office after a vacation, “must have enjoyed it, but seem to have gained weight”. A comment good enough to ruin your total experience of the vacation. Therefore, you have to start your work outs again from tomorrow and start to lose weight. “Gosh! why did I take the vacation at all in the firs place”.

It is quite natural for a person to gain a few extra pounds while on a vacation. We definitely go on a vacation or a holiday to enjoy and indulge in gourmet delights, lazy mornings, partying into late nights and much more. The extra pounds we gain in those fifteen or twenty days is enough to keep us busy for the rest of the year.

You can take care of this situation. Not allowing the joy of your vacation to be flattened by a silly remark in the office. Just follow some simple basic rules. Enjoy everything but keep control on yourself. It is easier said than done, but there is no other easy way to remain fit.

. The sumptuous buffets.

The biggest culprit in a holiday resort or hotel is the sumptuous buffet spread for breakfast and lunch. So much to choose from, different varieties and cuisines. Yes but you pick up the healthy options. Fill up your plate with greens; add a dash of cold cuts of freshly cooked meat. Choose food with vitamins and minerals. Avoid fatty stuff and carbohydrates, processed food and no fries please. Take fresh fruits and especially the citrus ones; you get lovely grape fruits or papaya. You can also go for a cup of green tea.

Your lunch must start with a plate full of greens, followed by a steaming soup with some fresh whole wheat bread. Sorry no butter please. You can savour a small portion of lean meat without fatty trimmings. Opt for steamed fish. All good buffets have that. You will also find a good variety of organic food on the buffets. Opt for it. They are not only fresh but very tasty too.

2. Evening Dinners…

Evening time is the hardest to control. The dinners are normally a long affair with wine and liquor. Control your senses and settle for a glass of dry wine. Do not take cocktails, as they are high in calories. Desserts at dinner are sometimes irresistible. Indulge if you so desire but eat in moderation. The chef will not feel bad if he sees half the dessert going in the bin. He will understand that the plate must be from a lovely lady, a weight watcher. Remember the emphasis during a vacation is not on weight loss but on how not to put on weight.

. A late stroll…

A stroll after the dinner is always recommended. It will, to some extent, help you burn out some calories and help in balancing weight, if not on loosing weight.

You may get up late, but remember to do your basic workouts. They will keep you slim and trim. You

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