RKS Workout Review – Day 1

RKS Workout, Reinhardt Kettlebell System, was presented to me by a client who was interested in knowing if it could be an effective training program for when they moved away, and if I don’t know I like to find out. So I got the program two weeks ago and I have been evaluating the program piece by piece.

Now I am going spend the next 4 weeks going through 16 workouts and seeing what effects it has on my body.

RKS Workout 1

Time Intervals – I am a big fan of time interval training as opposed to designated reps for fat loss programs as well as conditioning. Time intervals allow trainees to go a their own pace. This also gives you an ability to measure your fitness results and keep track of the improvement in your performance keeping you motivated to workout. Measuring results is important in goal setting and it keeps you involved in your fitness program making it more apart of your lifestyle.
Simple Routine – I believe that the first workout was a great introduction to a kettlebell workout. It develops a comfort with the integral exercises of kettlebell training, the Kettlebell Swing.

Train Cues – Owen is the instructor, and he does

RKS Workout & Before Pictures – Day 1…


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