6 Days a Week for 3 Hours vs. 4 Days a Week for 30 minutes for Weight Loss

In my post yesterday, I showed you what I looked like for a fight I had last July and weighted in at 175lbs. I was 191 by the time of the fight, which is about my goal weight for the end of the RKS Workout Review+. That is from years of dedication and wrestling, but more importantly what I am attempting to do with this RKS Program is show people that you can get into great shape by not working out as much as I did in order to make weight for that fight.

Wait a Personal Trainer is saying, NOT WORK OUT SO MUCH…

Wait John David Reynolds III is saying, NOT WORKOUT SO MUCH…

No say it ain’t so, this is bananas. Well honestly people think they need to spend hours in the gym or run dozens of miles week in and week out in order to get your weight off your body, but truthfully that is

Workout Less and Get More Results!


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