Justice 20/20

This speaks for itself on the subject of why the prosecution is at fault for what happened in that trail. Their is plenty of evidence for dispelling reasonable doubt in the case. However they completely overlooked it… SOMEHOW.

90 Degrees to the Left

GZ injuriesLast night we witnessed a mockery of our justice system and what a prosecutor that doesn’t want to prosecute can do.

These are the pictures of George Zimmerman taken at the Sanford Police Department right after Trayvon Martin’s murder.

George Zimmerman claimed that Trayvon Martin was covering his mouth and that he was afraid to be suffocated, reason why he feared for his life and shot the teenager. If that was true, why there is no blood all over his face? A nose, when broken, bleeds profusely, he should have blood all over, but that is simply not the case.

The next two pictures are of the minuscule cuts on George Zimmerman’s head, another part of our bodies that will bleed heavily if cut. According to George Zimmerman accounts of what took place on that fatidic night, he was on the ground, facing up while Trayvon Martin was pounding his…

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