My name is John David Reynolds III, and I am not about to talk in third person like I have seen a lot of other trainers do, although I respect them a lot, I am the first to admit that it is me doing all my postings.

I am a personal trainer who specializes in transforming people into the bodies they deserve to have by inspiring them to work hard and take up a healthy lifestyle that they can be excited to wake up to and live in every day. That is my goal and what fulfills me as a person, helping people revitalize their lives with fun and effective science based training methods.

Through this blog I will be providing scientific methods and processes to get the body of your dreams.

How do you know if I am the personal trainer for you?

  • If you are skinny guy that wants to pack on some serious muscle… )>Contact me.
  • If you are a new mom and you want to get your pre-baby figure back and then some… )>Contact me.
  • If you are a vegan and everyone has said it is impossible for you to gain weight…)> Contact me.
  • If you look in the mirror and you feel that your body does not identify what you want to represent…)>Contact me.

At Reynolds Performance, we will develop the program that will put you on the right track to achieve your dream body, and all of our work is GUARANTEED. Weather it is through online Consultation or One of our many services provided in the Sacramento,CA area.

Please look around the website, subscribe, interact, and ask as many questions as you would like.
Thank you very much for your time

John David Reynolds III, CPT
Sacramento’s Most Hated Personal Trainer

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